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current and leading edge livestock production capabilities.
We pride ourselves in offering professional services to the agricultural sector,
with an emphasis on going the extra mile to ensure your profitablitiy.
Our livestock services extend across the area of South Eastern Australia. 
We are regularly doing “runs” throughout that area, helping us to keep the costs in check.
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Managing Director, Ian Willersdorf sadly passed away Dec 9th, 2013, aged 54

Ian Willersdorf 16/2/59 – 9/12/13

‘Specialising in Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning Sheep and Cows’

“Scanning is one of the cheapest ways to increase profits if done properly.  Anybody not Scanning within the next 5 years will probably not be in the industry in 10 years time.”

Some scanning facts

  • The average potential lambs from ewes twinned in 2008 was 133.9%.
  • In 2009 the average was 131.3%.
  • Until the end of May 2010, the average empty was 20% of all scanned ewes.
  • 8% of all cows scanned were empty.