About Us

Our Mission
For Noble Management Australia to provide a high level of service in agricultural practices. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively and efficiently work livestock, to provide better management and productivity to the agricultural sector, benefiting both our own business, and businesses of those we work with.

Our Aim

We see new technological advances helping the agricultural sector in Australia. It is our aim to offer you services that add income to your bottom line through increased production gains (more lambs or calves per ha, better weight gains conversions per consumption) and efficiencies (better throughput decreasing handling costs). To that end we research and try to buy the best equipment on the market, helping us to offer you the best possible.  We see the survival of agriculture being based on the fact that we need to increase production faster than the cost to produce it.  This means, whether we like it or not, our operations need to become more intensive. 

Training and OH&S

At Noble Management Aust Pty Ltd, we also see training and OH&S as integral factors in our business.  We currently have 3 staff accredited for Mulesing (it is now mandatory for contractors to be accredited), 4 staff chemcert accredited, footrot accreditations and training for pregnancy scanning (scanning accreditations in Aust are in the process of being developed). You would be aware that most training now involves a large component relating to OH&S. 

We all know that the agricultural sector has too many accidents and deaths and at Noble management we are very aware of those statistics. To date, we have had only a couple of minor incidents, a couple requiring stitches, and we aim to keep it that way.   When new staff join us, after the initial induction, we train them on the go, with all staff joining in the training.  This helps all to reinforce in their own minds the safety procedures that need to be implemented and maintained.  We know that it costs a lot of money to keep everybody accredited and trained up, but we also know that the cost of injury or death is very much greater, not only in monetary value, but at a personal cost.