The Team

Paul Willersdorf

Livestock Operations Specialist/Director

Phone 27-10-19 026 Paul has been working in agriculture for 10 years where he has had a wide variety of experience in all livestock and cropping specialising particularly in sheep and also working on a station as manager for a couple of years to help majorly improve their sheep production. He has also had five years of sheep scanning experience trained under Ian Willersdorf.

Paul now Co-Managers Noble Management with Benjamin Willersdorf.

Benjamin Willersdorf

Livestock Operations Specialist

Benji Ben has taken on Ian’s vision for the business with 7 years of experience in Noble Management and several years of managing teams. He is competent in many agricultural skills including lamb marking, foot-pairing, crutching, fencing, mulesing, agricultural consultancy, sheep and cattle scanning, and calf-marking.

Ben now Co-Managers Noble Management with Paul Willersdorf.

Rohnen Willersdorf

Trainee Stockman

Jaden Willersdorf

Junior Stockman

Presley Lee & Reuben McFayden

Casual Workers

Julie Willersdorf


Phone 27-10-19 443 Wife of Ian Willersdorf and director of Noble Management, Julie is the main administrator for the business and backbone to all behind-the-scenes work.

Luke Willersdorf


Phone 27-10-19 130 With the passing of Ian, Luke has been brought into the business as a director to help with overseeing the direction of the company. Luke works for Camp Toukley and brings much business, planning and administration skills to the business.