The Team

Paul Willersdorf Livestock Operations Specialist
 IMG_0650 Paul has grown up at Noble Management gaining much experience from working beside Ian and has extensive knowledge and experience in livestock management and production. Since Ian’s passing, he takes a leading role in managing the operations of the business and managing the livestock work. Paul performs all jobs in the field skilfully, and has been a proficient scanner for 3 years.
David Willersdorf Operations Specialist
 IMG_0690 Not only does David have a great working knowledge of stock and stock handling he is also a great practical hands on sort of bloke. David loves designing equipment, working especially with metal, and has excellent welding skills. To utilize these skills David has become our Maintenance Operations Manager. You may not see him as often as you used to out in the field but whenever you do you can still rely on his livestock knowledge and skills.

David was with Noble for 10 years then went and worked for another company selling weighing machines for 2 years and now he has been back with us for 3 years.


Raphael Willersdorf Specialist Stockman
 IMG_07041 Raphael or Raph as most people know him has also grown up in the business and completed his cert 3 in agriculture last year. He is a practical hands on sort of guy with innovative thinking and puts everything into his work. Raphael has been trained in scanning and will be seen with the scanner in his hand more and more.


Keith Marshall Stockman
 IMG_0658 Keith is that shy sort of guy who doesn’t say much but when it comes to work he always gives his best. Being with Noble now for 3 years, starting as a green trainee from the city, Keith has gained his cert 3 in agriculture and is far from a city boy having gained much knowledge and livestock handling skills. A great team player.


Benjamin Willersdorf Trainee Stockman
 IMG_0645 Benjamin or Benji has been working part time in the business over the last few years but has finally gained full time status as a trainee stockman. Don’t be fooled by that title however, being only 18 in 2016 he has a working knowledge and a work ethic of many his years. And you definitely know if Ben is around: enthusiasm is present. He has also begun training in scanning.


Letitia Calvert  Administration / Trainee Stockman
 IMG_0710 If you ring the office this is the person that you will be talking to. Letitia has become an important asset to Noble with receptionist skills, data processing, computer design, and the general running of the office. When we are extra busy you may even see her out with the boys working. A real Girl Friday!


Julie Willersdorf Administration- Director
 IMG_0713 There is always one of those people who is the backbone of every business, and Julie is that person in Noble Management, not only does she school the children at home, but helps with office management and with the overall direction of the company.


Michaela Willersdorf  Stockman
 IMG_0683 Michaela has been part time studying/part time working on a couple of local farms and part time leading children’s camps so will not be seen as much as in the past. However when she is available Michaela with 7 years part time experience with Noble Management can be relied on to always do the job well.
Luke Willersdorf Director
  With the passing of Ian, Luke has been brought into the business as a director to help with overseeing the direction of the company. Luke works for Camp Toukley and brings much business, planning and administration skills to the business.