At Noble Management, we handle over 1,000,000 animals every year and we are beginning to learn the little things that help to make livestock move freely. 

We endeavour to build your yards and fences so that they will last and be workable by asking questions about the way you want the yards or fence and then make practical suggestions if there are any to give.

Picture 1 of FencePicture 2 of Fence

Conventional farm fencing is what we do most of, in fact some 80 – 100 km per year. Sheep and cattle yard building and alterations are also part of our kit, whether it be installing prefabricated yards or building from scratch.

Picture 3 of FencePicture 4 of Fence

Horse yards and horse fencing, along with electric fences are also becoming a specialty due to the number of staff and experience. We have also been contracted to construct screen and colourbond fences. Tree plantation fences and even drilling the holes for the trees to be planted in have been undertaken.

Picture 5 of a Fence

In fact, if you have a fencing need, contact us, especially for those “difficult” tasks.