Lamb Marking & Mulesing

Lamb Marking Trailer

Lamb Marking Trailer

Like the other operations that we carry out, we take pride in the way we go about our tasks and Lamb Marking / Mulesing is no exception.  We also endeavour to make any task that you ask us to do to be as hassle free for you as possible.

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In regard to lamb marking, we have a number of important steps that we consider: 

Your Asset: We treat your animals as a valuable asset.  We try to implement systems that carry out the tasks in an efficient and timely manner, using equipment that enhances the procedures to the benefit of all. 

Animal Welfare :Our whole business relies on animals and it is based around them.  It is in our interest to treat and handle them properly.  We continually check and maintain our equipment to ensure that livestock will not be harmed or come under undue stress.

Accreditation:  We currently have 3 accredited staff members who have passed the National Mulesing Accreditation program (NMAP). We are also members of the Livestock Contractors Assoc. and uphold the code of conduct. 

Hygiene:  Due to the tasks at hand, it is important that we keep equipment clean and in good working order.  We have water tanks and pressure pumps fitted to most of our vehicles to help facilitate this procedure.  Hygiene also plays and important part in the NMAP. 

Task Application:  We generally have three to four in our teams and all have the right to check each other to ensure that each procedure is carried out correctly. And we keep checking each other.  Examples of this are when earmarking / tagging we have different people doing the tasks and this automatically sets in place the checking procedure.

Chemical awareness: Most of our staff have been through the Chemcert® program and as part of our induction for employees, each are instructed on the benefits of the administration of chemicals for the livestock and the risks associated for us as workers.  At the end of the job remember to ask us for our Stock Medicines Treatment Advice which records all chemical application and meets all the Chemcert® requirements for business.

Supply of Applicators:  We expect you will supply the vaccination guns and all applicators for applying chemicals unless we supply the vaccines etc, then we supply the applicators.  (We have a 12v pump for water based fly control, gas and hot knife for the tails and gas pressured Tri-Solfen* applicator) However, we do carry a backup supply of applicators.  Should we need to use them, (we do not have time to fix up your equipment), we charge a rate of 3 cents per head to recover the cost of this equipment.  It has not been built into the pricing structure. We now have a number of places that ask us to supply all of the applicators.