Cow Pregnancy Scanning

‘Helping you make informed decisions for your
farm’s management’

Many Graziers are realising the potentials of Pregnancy Scanning, whether in drought or simply for better management.  Developments over the past 10 – 15 years have seen this technology make pregnancy scanning cows very efficient and cost effective. It gives much greater control over breeding and feeding regimes, allowing more flexibility resulting in greater productivity.  As the demand for greater quality and better management upon the livestock industries, Pregnancy Scanning will help help develop knowledge to make decisions that enable you to rise above the average.

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The Pregnancy Scanning Procedure

Equipment:  Noble Management use a BCF Oviscan 4 Ultrasound Scanner, a leader in ultrasonic ‘real time’ scanning equipment for livestock.  The scanning method involves inserting the scanning probe into the rectal tract. This probe is only 30mm around so it is very small compared to the traditional pregnancy testing procedure and the cows in essence don’t even know that they have been scanned. Ultrasound scanning uses no known harmful effects, and the scanning process is safe to both Operator and stock.  The equipment can be powered 12v supply, allowing access to  remote yards. The system is fully mobile and worn on the back of the operator using some of the latest micro optical goggles available. 

Scanning Procedure:  This generally takes place in the race with the operator walking along the catwalk to insert the probe.  There is no need to bail or put the cow in the crush, unless the are very flighty and the need arises so that they don’t cause themselves damage.

Scanning Dates: The best time to view a foetus is between 40 and 120 days of pregnancy. This means that on a 9 week joining we should be scanning around the 105 days from the date that the bulls went in with the cows. It becomes more difficult to see a foetus under 35 days and as it does the longer the pregnancy goes after 120 days.  Click here for a helpful chart on optimum scanning dates.

Why Ultra sound Pregnancy scan your cows.

  1. You can pregnancy test earlier, up to 7 weeks earlier than traditional methods.
  2. Scanning is recognized a being more accurate, but timing has some effect on this.
  3. We don’t mind if you need to vaccinate or drench at the same time.
  4. It is much easier on the cows.
  5. We can keep going each following day if you have large numbers
  6. Don’t have to bail the cows, helping to keep them quieter in the yards.  We can just do them up the race.
  7. Depending on timing, we can age the feotus to give you management / calving groups.

Additional Requirements: In general, you will need to have enough people at the yards to help move cattle about and record information.  We can supply an extra man to help if that is required, but you will need to talk to us about this when we discuss dates.