Ewe Pregnancy Scanning

Three ewes“The return on dollars invested is only realised if the ewes rear their lambs successfully”

The Drought Survival Guide
NSW Agriculture, pg 38

‘Actively implementing technological advances to increase your profits’

Many Graziers are realising the potentials of Pregnancy Scanning, whether in drought or simply for better management.  It gives them much greater control over their breeding and feeding regimes, allowing them more flexibility and giving greater productivity.  As the demand for greater quality and better management is placed upon the livestock industries, Pregnancy Scanning will help you make those decisions that enable you to rise above the average.

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The Pregnancy Scanning Procedure

Equipment:  Noble Management use a BCF Oviscan 4 Ultrasound Scanner, a leader in ultrasonic ‘real time’ scanning equipment for livestock.  Ultrasound scanning uses no known harmful effects, and the scanning process is safe to both technician and stock.  The equipment can be powered either by an external 12v supply or mains electricity, allowing access to even remote yards.  A lead up race and crate for handling the ewes as they are being scanned allow maximum throughput.  The scanning method involves placing a sensor on the underside of the ewe’s pelvis as they are standing, rather than giving them the added stress of laying them on their back.

Pregnancy scanning a ewe

Operator:  The scanning technician sits beside the crate with the Oviscan module in front.  Our technicians are trained to recognise dry, single bearing, and multiple bearing ewes, and as they scan they keep a tally of the status of all the ewes scanned.  Depending on conditions and the type of scan required (wet/dry, multiple), we can put through on average 2500 ewes per day.

Automatic Drafting:  In addition we also have automatic drafting equipment that we fit to the front of the scanning crate. The scanner operates this as the ewes are being scanned and saves time and effort.

Scanning Dates:  A skilled technician can generally tell whether a ewe is pregnant or not 30 days after mating.  From about 40-100 days after mating individual foetuses can be identified for multiple scanning.  The optimum time for scanning a mob is about 85-95 days from the time the rams were put out with the ewes on a six week joining. Click here for a helpful chart on optimum scanning dates.

Additional Requirements: We provide all necessary equipment for the pregnancy scanning, apart from a supply of hot water (we carry an urn with us). We charge extra for having to mark/brand ewes as we can automatically draft, and do not supply any brand. We provide a few extra panels, however for some yard setups we may need for you to supply additional panels. We also provide one staff member in addition to the scanning operator to help keep the ewes moving through the crate, however you will need to provide at least one person to keep the sheep up.