Pregnancy Scanning Facts

Pregnancy Scanning: Increasing your Productivity

Some of the benefits of pregnancy scanning and follow-up feed management of your ewes include:

  • Better Management
    Pregnancy Scanning allows you to develop specific feeding regimes for your multiple and single bearing ewes
  • Enhanced Lamb Survival
    Pregnancy Scanning aids in survival meaning greater lamb numbers for replacement or sale
  • Better Average Lambing Weights
    Due to the specific feeding program developed for the pregnant ewe the lambs will achieve better growth rates compared to those on average feeding programs
  • Improved Follicle Development
    Research has shown that follicle development is improved when feed requirements are met in the first six months of life
  • Better Reproduction
    Life studies have shown that early, under nourishment can affect reproduction rates throughout the rest of a sheep’s life
  • More Options
    Pregnancy Scanning gives you the flexibility to sell, run dry, or join again

Pregnancy Scanning can Reduce Your Cost of Feeding
Please note the following example is indicative only, and actual figures, feed requirements, and prices are subject to change, region and farm management requirements.

Assuming approximate Feed Cost: $300/t

Assuming a ewe flock of 1,000 with an average empty weight of 45kg and bare shorn

% Empty Ewes: 10% 20% 25%
No. Ewes Empty: 100 200 250
Dry feed required per day per Ewe: 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg
Feed saved if Ewes Sold: 1500kg/month 3000kg/month 3750kg/month
$ Saving $450 $900 $1125
Feed Saved if Ewes Kept (single DSE ration) 144kg/month 288kg/month 360kg/month
$ Saving $43 $86 $108
Pregnancy Scanning Helps Improve
Lambing Rates and Survival

Naturally some ewes are barren, pregnancy can help you identify these ewes and within time improve flock fertility. Due to scanning and effective feed and flock management some clients are now scanning over 150% in lamb, and that’s Merino over Merino!Studies have shown that lamb survival rate is almost directly related to ewe nutrition.  (Adverse weather will have an effect also, but survival rates will not be severely affected by such conditions if the ewe and lamb are strong and healthy). By removing dry ewes from the mob, and feeding pregnant and in particular, multiple lamb ewes extra feed the survival rate of the extra lambs can increase by as much as 10%-15%. Some of our clients report lamb marking rates of 130%, once again, Merino over Merino. While such figures are not always attainable for every farm, depending on a variety of factors, we believe with pregnancy scanning and effective management there are great gains to be made.This makes Real Time Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning a cost effective way to increase your returns.

Maximising Your Ewe Joining
Please see our page about Ewe Joining for info on making the most out of joining your ewes.

Please also free to contact us if you would like to know more about Pregnancy Scanning and Ewe Joining.