Livestock Weighing

“To fail to plan is to plan to fail”
The dry times have taught us that whether we are carting the feed out to the livestock or whether we are sowing down paddocks and spreading super, it still costs a large sum of money to feed the stock we have.  And in these days, we need to be sure that all of the stock that we have are being as productive as possible.  That is why, at Noble Management, we have invested in:

  • Racewell sheep handler for auto weighing and drafting sheep. 
  • Ruddweigh Frame scales for weighing cattle and sheep.

Racewell Sheep Handler
By monitoring weight, weight gains and condition scores, you can ensure that your livestock are being the most productive that they can be. The Racewell super sheep handler allows us to efficiently weigh and draft your livestock into weight gain groups, sale groups, micron groups, in fact whatever group you would like us to do.  At the same time we can drench, tag, vaccinate and even crutch through the system.  This means that we can do a number of jobs at one time, making the efficiencies even greater.

Racewell Sheep Handler with a 6 way draft

The system is trailer mounted and is easily manoeuvred into position to complete the job you require. We can set this machine up almost anywhere. With a few extra panels, like when we are pregnancy scanning ewes, it is fairly simple to be able to set up a drafting regime to your management requirements.

Racewell Sheep Handler with 6 Way Draft on a Trailer

Some of the tasks that we are using the Racewell Super Sheep Handler for are:

  1. Weighing lambs in a feedlot to ensure that weight gains are being met and you are selling at the desired weight and not incurring penalties. 
  2. Weighing ewes to ensure that they are at optimum joining weight and condition, aiming to get as many lambs as possible.
  3. Weaning lambs and administering weaning vaccinations or drenching.
  4. It is fairly simple while drafting the sale lambs off to give them a crutch to ensure that lambs go down the kill line clean. We can also “clean up” the dirty ones as they are being weighed into their feedlot groups.
  5. Drafting according to class using the built in EID capabilities.

The cost of weighing is approximately equal to one days feed. By weighing every three weeks to a month, you can target grid prices and premiums and also those lambs with good or bad feed conversion rates. Selling those lambs with bad conversion rates early will cut your feed costs, increasing productivity and you can also target those lambs that give you the better conversion rates. It can amount to halving your feed costs.

If you think that you have a need, then give us a call to discuss what we can accomplish for you. We also believe that you will be surprised at the cost effectiveness of our systems and services.