Craigco Jetters

Craigco Sensor Jetter
Craigco Sensor Jet – Auto Jetting Machine.

  • Electronic Sensor detects the presence of sheep in the jetter.
  • Ewes and Lambs can be treated together, no need to draft out.
  • 2 Solenoid Valves allow dose rates of up to 3 litres for ewes. For short to medium length wool only 1 valve would be in use, 2 valves may be are required for long wool. Output can be reduced by using only 5 jets for lambs if required.
  • Spray Bars and Jets 6 bars, 20 jets positioned to provide optimum penetration and coverage for fly and lice control, top jet configuration can be setup to run 2, 4, 6, or 8 jets. You decide how much dip chemical apply.
  • Jetter Frame and Components are either hot dip or electro galvanised to protect against corrosion.
  • Separate Relay is part of the Sensor Jet electrical system. Some sensors on the market have an in-built relay which is generally the weak link, if this fails the sensor has to be replaced at a cost of hundreds of dollars, if the relay has to be replaced the cost is minimal in comparison. A spare relay is supplied with the jetter.
  • Electrical System is protected against short circuits by using a thermal overload, which is easily reset. There aren’t any fuses to replace.
  • Exit Ramp is supplied with the jetter. If there is poor drainage under the jetter, puddling can occur at the exit end which will cause baulking, the ramp will help to minimise this.
  • Fire Hose and Nozzle is supplied with the hose kit. The 9 metre hose is useful for helping to mix the supply tank contents and can also be used to clean vehicles and yards.
  • Automatic Gate closes if the system pressure drops below a pre determined pressure, this prevents sheep passing through the jetter when the system pressure is low.
  • Internal V Panels adjustable in both width and spring pressure, are a means of regulating the flow of sheep through the jetter, if sheep are running too fast inadequate wetting will occur. For maximum protection the correct dose rate should be applied.
  • Jetter Weighs less than 100kg, means it is easily handled by 2 people, no wheels are required, it will easily fits across the back of a ute for transport on the farm.
  • Pump Options 10Hp Briggs and Stratton or 9Hp Honda, both are twin Impeller design, providing high pressure and high flow.

Once a magic eye jetter has been used farmers will not revert to other methods.
The Sensor Jet delivers on performance and price, purchase with confidence.

Sensor Jets are working in overseas locations including New Zealand and Europe
Noble Management Australia is the exclusive distributor in VIC, N.S.W and SA.